What We Offer

  • Dry suits for scuba diving

    Scuba Diving Drysuits

    Our scuba diving drysuit range has evolved from the first model, the HDS140, which Hammond Drysuits first made in 1979. Since then the range has expanded and been developed to match the experience and requirements of the diver. Our diving drysuits are all made-to-measure for ultimate comfort, with optional extras to suit each diver. We offer a 10% discount on all new diving dry suits for qualified Diving Instructors.

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  • Commercial and Search & Rescue Drysuits

    Our commercial and search & rescue range of drysuits are worn by a number of civil engineering companies, as well as Fire, Rescue and Police services across the UK. Made of robust hard wearing material, they are designed to be very durable with ultimate comfort and fit for the wearer. We understand the importance of staying warm and dry in a rescue situation, and our dry suits are designed with that in mind.

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  • Dry suits for surface watersports

    Surface Watersports Drysuits

    Hammond Drysuits offer a range of multisport dry suits keeping sailors, kayakers, jet skiers, windsurfers, wakeboarders and water skiers out on the water in the colder months and also enabling them to go to areas where the water temperatures are cooler than average. The dry suits are flexible and are available in standard and made-to-measure sizes for ultimate comfort and fit.

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  • Dry suits for children and adults, who need to keep dry when swimming

    Shortie Hickman Line Dry Suits

    This Shortie Drysuit was originally designed specifically for children with a PICC line (Hickman Line) fitted. But we have now found that it is just as good for use with children with a body cast, skin complaints or any problem where the wearer needs to keep the torso dry. Also due to demand we now make an adult version and standard size shortie suits along with the made to measure dry suits.

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  • Drysuit Repairs

    There will come a time when seals, seams, and the general water tightness of the material of your drysuit need checking over. At Hammond Drysuits, we service ALL MAKES and models of drysuits, replacing seals and any sections and seams where necessary. We do our best to repair your dry suit in around 10 working days but this can fluctuate depending on workload.  We also offer an express service for urgent repairs, please contact us for more details.

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  • Waterproof cast covers for broken arms and legs

    Waterproof Cast Covers

    Got a broken arm or leg? Can’t have a shower or bath? Are you missing out on swimming, because a wound needs to be kept absolutely dry? We have a solution for you, our Dry Arm and Dry Leg, which can be made to measure for maximum comfort. We realise how important it can be to keep your arms or legs dry, and when it comes to keeping things dry we know a thing or two. We guarantee 100% dry arms and legs.

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