drysuit repair salty zipTip 1 – Rinse

As soon as you are out of the water rinse your drysuit in freshwater. This will remove any salt if you have been in contact with saltwater and any other pollutants from your drysuit.

If possible, get someone to hose you down when you get out of the water and your drysuit is still on.

If this cannot be done, put your drysuit in its bag damp or wet and clean it down with fresh water when you get home.

Important note: If the drysuit dries out with the saltwater on it breaks down the zip and will damage the drysuit.

Tip 2 – Storage

Lay the suit on the floor with the zip down and closed.  Roll up the legs and then wrap the arms around the suit so the zip is hugging itself and not flexed.  Where you can, keep the drysuit in its bag in a cool, dark environment.  Direct sunlight can damage the seals.

Tip 3 – Baby shampoo

If you have neoprene seals on your drysuit, try to put the seals on and remove them with the pads of your fingers and not the nails.  Even really short nails can damage neoprene seals.  Smear baby lotion on the outside of the seals to prolong the life of your seals.

Baby shampoo can be diluted and used to defog your mask. Also spray or apply on your hands to help ease in and out of your seals.  This means you don’t have to bring all different types of liquids on your trips – double up!

Tip 4 – Wax on

Wax your zip regularly.  Use a soft, white candle wax and run this on the inside and outside of each side of the zip.  Warm the wax if possible using a hairdryer or similar – remember to keep the hairdryer moving as you don’t want to burn any of the fabric of the suit.

 Tip 5 – Whoops a flooded drysuit

If your drysuit floods, turn it inside out and dry leaving the zip open.  We recommend you hang up your drysuit, and we can supply a drysuit hanger to hang from the shoulders. Other hangers are available.  If you use one that hangs the suit by the boots, we suggest you only do this for a day or two as it can put pressure on your drysuit boots.

Tip 6 – Never leave unattended

We suggest you do not leave your drysuit unattended – especially on the floor. Firstly, someone might take it as it’s such a desirable drysuit, that and if your suit is stepped on it could crack the zip and this can cause around £200.00 worth of damage.

Tip 7 – Pre-dive checks

We recommend you check your drysuit around one month before you are going diving or on holiday.  If there are any problems, we can help fix them but if you check the night before you are going it’s probably not possible to fix the issues in time!

Any questions our Drysuit Technicians are on hand to help, contact us here