One size does not fit all

We have all experienced how clothes can vary in size, a medium in one brand can be very different to a medium in another brand. Sometimes there are even differences within brands!

So, if that’s the case how does one size fit you?
Well, that one size is your size, and that’s a Made-to-Measure (M2M) size. Whilst at Hammond we make ‘standard’ size drysuits, the majority of our customers select the M2M option.

But what is M2M?

M2M drysuits take into account your specific body shape and size. To make your drysuit for the perfect fit we use a number of your body measurements.

Hammond Drysuit require the wearer’s full height, shoulder height, neck, and wrist measurements, including wrist to wrist across the shoulder blades. Chest, waist, and hips sizes are also considered, along with the widest part of the thigh, knee, calf, inside leg and shoe size. This makes a suit designed for both comfort and longevity. It can even be further personalised with the choice of colours, seals, gloves, and footwear. We also factor in it’s use and the amount and type of moves you are likely to do.

How does it benefit the wearer?

With a M2M your drysuit will fit you to perfection for the sport or work in which it is intended.

“An M2M drysuit from Hammond is exactly that and from the feedback we have had from our customers it provides added comfort throughout the seasons, for this reason, if you are looking for a suit that truly fits, choose M2M,” comments Chris Hammond.

I am blessed to be standard size, can I still have a Hammond Drysuit?

YES! Don’t worry those are available too, from Junior Small to Adult XL. As every drysuit is made to order, you can still choose your colour from our selection and the work will only begin on your new drysuit once the order has been placed. Nothing gathers dust on the shelves here at Hammond!

It’s all the in detail

Since Hammond began making drysuits we have taken pride in every drysuit we make from the material chosen, to the processes we follow to. Hammond Drysuits are handmade and crafted by our trained technicians for added longevity and we can tell you exactly who made your drysuit.

There can be no compromise and we source high quality materials to manufacture the best drysuit for the purpose in which it was intended, whether that is light for warmer temperatures or travel, or heavy duty and robust of commercial and industrial work.

Hammond – big enough to cope, small enough to care