As much as we want to hold onto this glorious weather, we cannot hide away from the nights drawing in, and that Autumn and the cooler temperatures are on their way. We have had a great summer, and for the dinghy sailors out there amongst us, the last time you saw your drysuit was probably around April time. At Hammond we want you to avoid any unwanted surprises, so here is our timely reminder for you to dig out that drysuit and make sure it is in fine working order for you over the next few months.

Here’s a quick check list:

  1. Can you see holes/splits in the material, seals, or zip that shouldn’t be there?
  2. Are there any worn areas of the fabric that could be an issue?
  3. Are any of the seam tapes peeling away or missing?
  4. Are any of the seals peeling away from the suit fabric?
  5. Is the zip bonding starting to come away?
  6. Are any of the teeth missing or broken on the zip?
  7. Do both the zip runners stop before they reach to each respective end?
  8. Put the drysuit on and submerge yourself in a warm bath or swimming pool. Are there any damp patches on your undergarments?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we recommend you get your drysuit serviced as no-one really wants to be cold and wet this autumn/winter, and at Hammond, we service and repair all makes of drysuit, and with currently a 1-week turnaround, we can have your drysuit back to you in no time at all. Where we feel it is uneconomical to repair a suit, we are able to provide you with an option of a new made-to-measure drysuit from our team in the UK.

Contact us today to prepare you for the months ahead of you on the water or 01747 704123