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Twin seal dry arm is designed so the wearer can use their hand whilst still keeping the picc line of wound dry.

If a pump is used with your picc line please click yes below and add the extra measurements.  We will need these extra measurements to determine where your pump will sit on your arm and the size of it.



  • If you have a pump fitted, please fill the measurements below:
Dry Arm Twin Seal£78.00 inc. VAT
A) Circumference of upper arm -
B) Circumference of bent elbow -
C) Circumference of forearm -
D) Full length of dryarm from end of each seal -
Do you have a pump fitted? -
E) Length from A to top of pump -
F) Length of pump -
G) Circumference around arm at top of pump -
H) Circumference around arm at base of pump -