Our commercial and search & rescue range of drysuits are worn by a number of civil engineering companies, the Environment Agency, as well as Fire, Rescue and Police services across the UK. Made of robust hard-wearing material, they are designed to be very durable with ultimate comfort and fit for the wearer. We understand the importance of staying warm and dry when using them in a rescue situation and our suits are designed exactly with that in mind.

We sell six dry suits suitable for use in search & rescue patrols, swift water rescue and commercial work such as river maintenance and fisheries: Industrial, SR100R, SR100F, SR140R, SR140F and SR4B.

Who do we supply our search and rescue dry suits for?

We supply drysuits around the UK and worldwide for the Police, Fire and Rescue, Private Lifeboat stations, Port Authorities, Environment Agency offices and much more.

Choosing the right dry suit

If you have any questions regarding choosing a dry suit for search & rescue, please email us here or call 01474 704123.

Need your Transit or Survival suits serviced and certificated each year?

We offer a full Wet Pressure Test, repair any faults in the suits, replace seals and zips etc and then certificate the suit for your insurance use. Please contact us here for more details. See a Sample certificate.

Some of our search and rescue dry suits in action