Taking care of your dry suit

Your dry suit can also last you 10 years or even much longer, if you treat it right. Here are a few tips…

Metal Zips

  • From time to time lubricate your zip by striking paraffin wax (candle) or bees wax along the inside and outside of the zip teeth. This will keep it running smoothly so prolonging the life of your zip.

Latex Seals

  • Seals should be talced before suit use, and cleaned with fresh water and re-talced before storage after use.

  • Be extremely careful when using suntan lotion as contact with the seal will cause irreversible damage.

Neoprene Seals

  • Seals may be lubricated with baby lotion on the smooth skin side and should be cleaned with fresh water after use.

Dry suit storage instructions

  • Ensure your suit is rinsed and dried after use.

  • Leave zip open when storing for prolonged periods.

  • Store in a clean, dark, cold environment (approximately 10-20 degrees C)

  • Always ensure the suit is protected from direct sunlight and fluorescent lights as this may cause perishing.

  • Care should be taken to minimise excessive folding of the zip, especially when left open.

Dry suit transportation

  • Always have the zip fastened as this can be cracked very easily during transportation when left open. (A crack will cause a leak)

Any questions?

As always, if you have any questions regarding your Dry Suit, please contact us on 01474 704123 or email us info@hammond-drysuits.co.uk.