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The PB3X has been designed to look like a jacket and trousers for paddle boarding and Kite surfing

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Ankles/ socks
Kevlar Gloves
Undersuit - 3 piece thermals


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  • 2mm Neoprene glide skin


  • Neoprene 2mm Cone Wrist Seal


  • Click to Select your Braces. These are not fitted as standard as they are not always needed and can possibly get in the way. Braces with quick release adjustable buckles can be of use if you need to take down the top of your suit without removing the whole dry suit.


AquaSeal dry zipper

    A fly zip will allow you to relieve yourself without having to remove your suit, great if you spend a long time in your suit. We also now fit them for women when they use in conduction with a shewee.

Ankles/ socks

Same price for either. Please choose one.

  • Click to Select your Ankle Seal.

  • Click to Select your Ankle Seal. For more information about our Gill Sailing Boots take a look at the table underneath.

Kevlar Gloves

  • Glove Size Chart

    Superstretch Neoprene Gloves with Kevlar reinforced palm and fingers

    • Velcro wrist strap, ensuring a secure fit
    • Pre-curved fingers for greater comfort and ease of movement
    • No internal stitch seams preventing chafe
    • Scalloped shaped cuff design to fit over wrist seal
    • A robust hard-wearing glove with a comfortable fit
    • Kevlar reinforced palm to ensure a prolonged life
    • Currently a best-selling glove for a wide range of activities including diving, fish farms, search & rescue and industrial use

Undersuit - 3 piece thermals

Our thermal layers, part of the Hammond Survival Wear range are perfect for both commercial and leisure wear use. For more information about our undersuits take a look at the tab underneath.


If you need to specify something about your drysuit, please let us know here.

PB3X SUP Dry Suit£600.00 inc. VAT
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Knee Measurement -
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Ankle Measurement -
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Shoulder to Ground Measurement -
Inside Leg to Ground Measurement -
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Included -
Included -
Braces - None
Fly Zip -
Ankles/ socks
Ankles Seals -
Ankles Seals -
Kevlar Gloves
Kevlar Gloves - None
Kevlar Gloves (2mm) -
Kevlar Gloves (4mm) -
Undersuit - 3 piece thermals
Undersuit - None


This suit is available in made to measure and standard fit.
For more information on sizing  click here.


The PB3X dry suit has been designed for Paddle boarding and Kite surfing

High quality

Made to measure in a 3 ply breathable fabric  with a jacket and trouser look.

All seams are single stitched and taped in a flexible machine tape

Each drysuit comes with a FREE drawstring suit bag.

Made to Measure with Optional Extras

This dry suit can be made to measure for maximum comfort.

Do you prefer standard sizes?

We also sell a standard size PB3X dry suit.

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If you need any further details, please do not hesitate to either call us on 01474 704 123 or email


Leg seals

This suit is available with either latex ankle seals or socks

Neck seal  2mm neoprene slick skin                                            Wrist seals 2mm neoprene slick skin

For a more comfortable seal




Tri-laminate 390 gsm breathable fabric with cordura outer.

Colour options

Red/Black, Yellow/Black, Blue/Black



This suit is available  with a front or rear zipper.

The new flexible YKK AquaSeal dry zipper is protected by a cover with a 5 pitch wet zipper

Seat & Knees


Waist is elasticated at the rear.


Our thermal layers, part of the Hammond Survival Wear range are perfect for both commercial and leisure wear use.

The CoreTek, is a single lined polar fleece 3 piece thermal, offering comfort and warmth allowing the wearer complete freedom of movement. These thermal layers comprise of long sleeve tops, leggings and socks.


The CoreTek is a SINGLE lined polar fleece 3 piece thermal.



The CoreTek X is a DUAL core fleece, offering additional warmth to those DIVERS in cooler temperatures and throughout the winter months.


The CoreTek X undersuit includes an extended seat cover in the top, and hand loops. The leggings have a drawstring waist and foot loops, whilst the top has a crew neck, to help retain warmth whilst not hindering the neck seal.


The polar fleece fabric is a compact material, keeping the wearer warm and the skin dry. It comprises of a technical stretch construction to allow the lateral movement of fabric.

The polar fleece material has been specifically designed for the CoreTek range. These undersuits can be worn under any make of drysuit.


To order an undersuit with your dry suit, simply choose the thermals option you want below. Please note, we will select the size of undersuit based on the size of your dry suit.


If you need more information or advice, please either call us on 01474 704 123 or email


Suit Bag

This drawstring suit bag is FREE with your dry suit.


To order this product just add it to the basket and check out. For more information about our products, track of your parcel or delivering day please get in touch with us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Please note, all drysuits, whether made to measure or standard sizes, are manufactured to order. No stock is held in-house to enable you to customise your own drysuit.

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If you need any further details, please do not hesitate to either call us on 01474 704 123 or email

Current lead time for a new made to measure drysuit is approximately:70 Days

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