Drysuit Repairs

We offer a full repair service for ALL MAKES of dry suit, with a turn around time of approx 7-10 working days, batches of 5+ suits may take longer.

We now offer a 24 hour (Gold+50%) and 48 hour (Silver+30%) repair services for those in a hurry - see below.

We repair ALL MAKES of dry suit

We are the main drysuit repair centre for Musto, Gill and repair dry suits for the Metropolitan Police, Environment Agency offices, Wiltshire Fire & Rescue and various RNLI stations. We are now recommended UK repair centres for Ocean Rodeo, Fourth Element, Ursuit and BARE.

Musto, Gill, Wiltshire Fire & Rescue, Bare, Ursuit, Ocean Rodeo and RNLI have their dry suits repaired at Hammond Drysuits

These are just some of our clients. We do repair ALL MAKES of dry suit. It doesn't matter who made it, we will repair it!

So how do you get your dry suit repaired?

It couldn't be easier. Download our REPAIR ORDER FORM (145kb doc) or REPAIR ORDER FORM (97kb pdf).

Complete your details. Send the form along with your dry suit to Hammond Dry suits. We even have an ADDRESS LABEL (145kb doc) or ADDRESS LABEL (48kb pdf) for you to print off.

We also have address labels, ADDRESS LABEL (NON UK) (71kb doc) or ADDRESS LABEL (NON UK) (59kb pdf), for anyone outside the UK, stating that the dry suit is only entering the UK for repair.

How good are our repairs?

We have over 35 years of experience repairing dry suits and have accumulated a great deal of knowledge on the correct way to repair a dry suit.

What do our prices include?

Our charge includes supply of single item (unless otherwise marked), removal of old and fitting new. Please note, we reserve the right to charge for cleaning dirty dry suits, drying wet suits and an extra charge may be included for removing badly decaying seals. See below for all repair prices.

Need your Transit or Survival suits serviced and certificated each year?

Dry suit certificate of inspection

We offer a full Wet Pressure Test, repair any faults in the suits, replace seals and zips etc and then certificate the suit for your insurance use. Please contact us for more details. See a Sample certificate.

Do you need your dry suit repaired in a hurry?

We are now offering two special fast repair services: GOLD service - 24hr (price +50%) or SILVER service - 48hr (price +30%). PLEASE NOTE: These are the times it takes for us to repair the suit and does not include delivery times.

Would you like us to collect your dry suit?

We are offering a UPS collection service within the UK for people who cannot post their dry suit to us.

Your dry suit needs to be boxed or bagged. We need a collection address with where it will be e.g. front door, reception, back door etc. A 7 hr collection window is needed and it has to be organised 24hrs in advance.

Send your details to ups@hammond-drysuits.co.uk and we will organise the collection. UPS will email you with a link to the address label, it will need to be printed and attached to your parcel. Cost will be £17.00 for a collection and will be added to your invoice once the dry suit is repaired.

Is there anything I should know about packing my dry suit?

It is very important that all zips are closed prior to posting!

We even repair Vacunaut suits

A Vacunaut suit is a neoprene dry suit used for weight loss. Like all of our dry suits, we can repair your Vacunaut suit within 5 working days.

Dry suit repair prices

For prices for all your dry suit repairs, click here.

Still got questions about repairing your dry suit?

Please email us info@hammond-drysuits.co.uk or call 01474 704 123.

Cone, Bellows, Neoprene
(from L - R)
Latex cone neck seal Latex bellows neck seal Neoprene neck seal
Fitted (per seal) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Latex, bellows or cone 45.50 19.90 -
Neoprene 59.00 30.00 -

Cone, Bottleneck, Neoprene, Manchette
(from L - R)
(Repair price is per seal)
Cone wrist seal Bottleneck wrist seal Neoprene Wrist Seal Manchette wrist seal
  Fitted (per seal) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Latex cone or bottle 24.50 10.30 16.50
Latex heavy duty cone or bottle 28.70 12.50 20.00
Latex DUI style 25.50 10.70 17.00
Latex Manchette 31.00 13.50 21.60
Neoprene 31.75 17.50 27.90

Latex gloves Latex gloves
  Fitted (per seal) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Latex (pair) 49.30 - 27.20

Cone, Bottleneck
(from L - R)
(Repair price is per seal)
Cone ankle seal Bottleneck ankle seal
  Fitted (per seal) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Latex, cone or bottle 25.00 10.60 16.90

Flat 2D socks, 3D socks
(from L - R)
(Repair price is per seal)
Flat 2D socks 3D socks
  Fitted (per seal) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Latex 28.50 16.95 27.10
Polyester tri-lam or breathable 50.50 - -
Neoprene 47.50 - 35.00

Latex waist band Latex Waist Band
  Fitted (per seal) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Latex 49.85 29.00 -
HS (Latex) 60.00 29.80 -

  Fitted (per seal) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Neck (3mm neoprene warm neck collar) 62.50 30.90 -
Wrist (3mm neoprene wrist guard) 31.50 17.45 27.20

BRACES (elasticated) 45.00 - 26.70

  Fitted (per pair) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Knee reinforcing (pair) from 47.00 - 27.50

Velcro top pocket, flat top pocket with zip, knife pocket
(from L - R)
Pockets for Dry Suits
  Fitted (per pocket) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Velcro top 10" x 7" x 2" standard 49.90 31.90 -
Velcro top 10" x 7" x 3" deep 52.50 33.90 -
Velcro top 10" x 7" x 4" extra deep 54.80 36.00 -
Velcro top 8.5" x 6" x 1.5" small 44.80 29.80 -
Knife Pocket 49.90 31.90 -

Membrane, Neoprene
(from L - R)
Membrane suit diving boots Neoprene suit diving boots
  Fitted (per pair) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Membrane Suits 115.00 - 59.00
Neoprene Suits 125.00 - 67.00
Velcro Rock boots - - 65.00

Bekina, Stihl (chainsaw)
(from L - R)
Bekina boots Stihl (chainsaw) boots
  Fitted (per pair) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Bekina (steel toe & sole) 127.00 - 75.00
Stihl (chainsaw) 166.00 - 105.00
Stihl (chainsaw with gusset) 252.00 - -

Sailing Boots Sailing boots
  Fitted (per pair) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Gill Tall cruising boot 115.00 - 65.00

Auto shoulder, wrist, inflation, inflation hose, rubber seat (auto), rubber seat (wrist)
(from L - R)
Auto shoulder dump Wrist dump Inflation
Inflation hose Auto dump - rubber seat wrist dump - rubber seat
  Fitted (per valve) Supply Only
    Single Pair
Auto shoulder dump 69.50 54.00 -
Wrist dump 37.50 25.20 -
Swivel Inflation 69.50 54.00 -
Inflation hose - 31.00 -
Rubber seat (Auto dump/inflation) 15.90 5.15 -
Rubber seat (Wrist dump) 12.30 3.50 -

Balanced Light Monkey 160.00 120.00 -

    Supply Only
    Single Pair
Surface suits 29.50 - -
Industrial, Transit or Diving suits 32.00 - -
Waders and Shorties 22.50 - -

    Supply Only
    Single Pair
Arms (pair) from 52.50 - -
Legs (pair) from 52.50 - -
Body from 52.50 - -
Width (both sides) from 82.50 - -
Alter legs to fit a new boot size 52.50 - -

Above prices for extensions include VAT, but for a childs suit please remove VAT @ 20%

LIGHT ZIPS - YKK Plastic only for child's shortie suits (No VAT chargable on these light zips fitted in a child's dry suit)
  Fitted (per zip) Supply Only
    Single Pair
50cm 93.00 - -
60cm 98.00 - -
70cm 103.00 - -

Zips (standard)
(YKK plastic zips available at the same price)
Standard zips
  Fitted (per zip) Supply Only
    Single Pair
11" (28cm) Fly zip 93.50* 64.00 -
28" (71.1cm) 150.00* 94.00 -
30" (76.2cm) 155.00* 96.00 -
31" (78.7cm) 157.50* 97.00 -
32" (81.3cm) 160.00* 98.00 -
33" (83.8cm) 162.50* 99.00 -
34" (86.4cm) 165.00* 100.00 -
35" (89cm) 167.50* 101.00 -
36" (91.4cm) 170.00* 102.00 -
37" (94.1cm) 172.50* 103.00 -
38" (96.5cm) 175.00* 104.00 -
39" (99cm) 177.50* 105.00 -
40" (101.6cm) 180.00* 106.00 -
41" (104cm) 182.50* 107.00 -

Zips (heavy duty) Heavy duty zips
  Fitted (per zip) Supply Only
    Single Pair
30" (76.2cm) 185.00* 108.00 -
33" (83.8cm) 195.00* 113.00 -
36" (91.4cm) 205.00* 118.00 -
38" (96.5cm) 215.00* 123.00 -
40" (101.6cm) 225.00* 128.00 -

Wax Treat Zip 4.25 - -

Clamp Zip 38.00 - -

Adhesive Adhesive
Tin adhesive (250grms) 2 part - 25.00 -

Suit Bag Suit Bag
Small (for surface suits with ankle seals or socks) - 8.50 -
Large (for surface suits with boots) - 11.00 -
Changing mat (for diving & industrial suits) - 24.00 -

Dive Save Kit
latex neck & 2 wrist seals, tube adhesive with brush - 33.10 -

* Please be aware that an extra 10% charge will be applicable on neoprene suits when fitting zips. This is due to the time it takes to remove the old zip correctly without damaging the neoprene.